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Cantharone | Cantharidin Molluscum Treatment

cantharidin-mollusucmCantharone (Cantharidin) or what is often referred to as "beetle juice" or "bug juice" is a blistering agent that is derived from the blister beetle.  This compound is produced and used as a therapeutic option for both molluscum and warts.

Cantharidin molluscum treatment consists of applying the liquid solution directly onto the active skin lesions.  The solution is typcially left in place for approximately four hours after which it washed off.

A day or two after the application, blisters occur on the areas that were contacted with the medication causing the molluscum to be "lifted" off the skin.  Typically the treated areas heal with no scarring, though residual redness or pinkness may remain and resolve more slowly.

Cantharone molluscum treatment is administered by a physician as an in office procedure and is usually repeated every 3 to 4 weeks until no new lesions are present.

The main advantage of cantharidin is that it is painless when applied and usually very effective.  In addition, the single application makes compliance a non-issue.  On the other hand, there may at times be discomfort during washing of the treated areas and occassionally the response to the blistering agent is more severe causing painful blisters and resulting in possible scarring.  In addition, some lesions may require a second treatment and new lesions may appear in between treatments.

In general, cantharidin molluscum treatment is a favorite of dermatologists and if a very simple and effective therapy.

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