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Do Molluscum Affect Adults?


While molluscum contagiosum tends to be most common in children, it is also seen in adults. This typically occurs in two circumstances.

First, it is seen in sexually active adults as a sexually transmited disase (STD). In these adults, they were probably not exposed during childhood making them still susceptible to the disease during adulthood. As a result, the virus is still spread through direct contact and in the adult population, most direct skin to skin contact is made through sexual contact.

Molluscum may also commonly be seen in wrestlers as the sport by its very nature involves contact in such a way that the molluscum could be easily spread.

The last adult population that molluscum is seen in is in those who are immuocompromised. This may include those with HIV and those who are on chemotherapy or have received an organ or bone marrow transplant. In these individuals, the immune system is suppressed and this allows the virus to take advantage a infect these particular individuals.

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