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Is Molluscum an STD?

Yes. While molluscum can be transmitted or spread in other ways, is can in fact be spread through sexual contact.  In fact, in the adult population this is likely the most common way of acquiring the virus.

Molluscum is found in three main groups:  young children, sexually active adults and immunosuppressed individuals.  This second group, sexually active adults makes up a good portion of those who contract molluscum contagiosum.

In those with the molluscum STD, it typically presents on either the genitals or on the pubic skin or thighs.  The bumps may be few in number or may present more widespread with many bumps.

Treatment for molluscum contracted as an STD is the same as other molluscum treatment but due to the sensitivity of the areas, treatments may be chosen that are less painful in nature including some topical therapies or immunomodulatory therapy.

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