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Moluscum, Molloscum, Mollescum, Mulluscum...

Not only in Molluscum Contagiosum one of the most common skin conditions around, it is also one of the most commonly misspelled conditions as well.

 And while the condition and the spelling can be very frustrating to those who have it, we wanted to list the common misspellings and assure you that regardless of how you spell it, we have the information you need to get rid of it.

The common misspellings of molluscum include:

  • moluscum
  • molloscum
  • mollescum
  • mulluscum
  • molluscom
  • molluskum
  • molluscus
  • mollusum
  • mollscum

And the common misspellings of contagiosum include:

  • contagious
  • contagiousum
  • contagiosm
  • contageosum
  • contagiosa
  • contagisum
  • cont
  • contagiosium
  • cantagiosum
  • contagioso
  • conta
  • contagiosus
  • cotgiosum
  • contagiosis
  • contasiosum
  • contagiusum
  • contangiosum
  • contagioum
  • contagioscum

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